In FEB-MAR 2020 we will host Our Future Faith Vision


Week 1: The Holy Spirit and the Workplace by Francis Chan Week 2: Faith in the Spotlight by Megan Alexander Week 3: How to Drive Eternal Results by Chris Patton


Our theme for 2020 at FWC is having a 20/20 vision. In the months of February and March we’ll focus on Our Future Vision and Our Faith Vision. We will discover things we can do each day that make a difference when we see the opportunities as clearly as God does. These possibilities are often available to us, within our families, where we live, and at our places of employment. 


Week 4: Position and Purpose by Jeffrey Wright Week 5: Called to Work and Create Value by Helen Mitchell Week 6: Leading with Love by Andrew Wexler

  People are searching for answers but often they look in the places that are easiest to access. Face book, twitter, smart phones, daily news, etc, are what makes our culture susceptible to information overload. However, only God’s Word has the monopoly on truth and can provide everyone with free access.


Week 7: An Interview with Steve Green Week 8: Building Lives of Purpose and Impact by Liz Bohannon Week 9: The Power of Empathy by Jon Acuff

For nine weeks together we’ll watch and listen to successful leaders who are having a positive spiritual impact around them. We hope you will take this as a personal invitation to assist us in advancing God’s agenda in the communities you already belong to. Thanks for joining as we enjoy The Journey of a 20/20 Future. 

Life Groups

Host Homes

Our goal is to host a small life group in  every zip code in Cumberland and Salem Counties.  Our purpose is to form healthy relationships outside the our church campus.  

Volunteer Facilitators

We have a short training for the recruitment of facilitators.  The lessons will be presented on DVDs but the facilitator will encourage each of the group participants to move forward in the area of weekly focus.  

Future Small Group Focus

We have used material from College Wesleyan Church, Hamburg Wesleyan Church, Saddleback and others.  Past topics include, The Purpose Driven Life, Faultlines, Every Day Matters, 40 Days of Prayer, Soul Shift , Work as Worship and many others.

Sunday Messages

Pastor Doug provides a message each Sunday to introduce each theme.  The small group discussions are taken from the messages and the weekly DVD lessons.


A notebook is usually introduced and made available.  Groups will also include daily reading and a weekly note guide.