We learned how God can show you how what you do each day can make an eternal difference in someone’s life.

God created you for His purpose to reach others.  Learning those communication skills is so simple that even a child can do it.  What are the right words to share and how long should we keep reaching out to the same person?  Can we know God is using everything we are doing for His good?


Each week had a goal to knowing Every Day Matters.

The 6 weeks of Every Day Matters series leads up to Easter as we focus on our spiritual life’s.  We’ll answer challenging situations.  And when  finished, we began  sharing our faith with more confidence and greater effectiveness than ever before.


Completed in February - March 2019

Each small life group has the opportunity to experience:  How to Be Real; How to Share Your Story; Embracing Holy Disturbance; Invest in People and much more.  #everydaymatters is a 6-week series designed to help us have purposeful conversations, encourage us with real life stories, and challenge us to take action steps each day to enable God to grow us and use us to advance His kingdom.

Life Groups

Host Homes

Our goal is to host a small life group in  every zip code in Cumberland and Salem Counties.  Our purpose is to form healthy relationships outside the our church campus.  

Volunteer Facilitators

We have a short training for the recruitment of facilitators.  The lessons will be presented on DVDs but the facilitator will encourage each of the group participants to move forward in the area of weekly focus.  

Future Small Group Focus

We have used material from College Wesleyan Church, Hamburg Wesleyan Church, Saddleback and others.  Past topics include, The Purpose Driven Life, Faultlines, Every Day Matters, 40 Days of Prayer, Soul Shift and many others.

Sunday Messages

Pastor Doug provides a message each Sunday to introduce each theme.  The small group discussions are taken from the messages and the weekly DVD lessons.


A notebook is usually introduced and made available.  Groups will also include daily reading and a weekly note guide.